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Experienced AOG Services

Every AOG delivery is special. Our expertise allows us to quickly assess requirements so customization doesn’t waste valuable time. We create the optimal route for your shipments with minimal rerouting and maximum confidence that the shipment arrives where and when you need it – down to the minute. Every time. No matter what. Packair has an established specialty in North American AOG shipments.

Packair’s AOG Services is the perfect aircraft on ground service for your AOG shipping service requirements. Packair has over 40 years of solving even the most challenging AOG needs thanks to our in-depth logistics experience.

From the first phone call, you are assigned a dedicated AOG Services Agent who will reliably and proactively monitor and troubleshoot your shipments. 24 hours a day. 7 days a week. 365 days a year. This unique dedicated customer focus is specific to Packair and has earned us the highest customer service rating year after year.

Low operational costs
Optimization Programs
Careful handling of valuable goods
Employers uniform standards
Minimal processing times
What is Included

AOG Shipping Priority

The needs of an aircraft on ground service are more exacting than the needs of almost any other kind of delivery. Because time truly is money in the AOG world. Trust and reliability are critical, because every shipment is a top priority for us.

Specialized handling situations are considered part of every shipment; we won’t let them slow you down. No matter the situation, the size or dimensions of your shipment or unique customs requirements, Packair is your reliable and safe partner for AOG shipments.

Aircraft on Ground Service Highlights

  • 24/7/365: When it comes to AOG, it goes without saying that you can reach us anytime.
  • Industry-Leading On-Time Performance: On-time arrival, on-time performance is second to none.
  • Unparalleled Customer Support: Reported independently by a third party, awarded by the trade, and continually measured internally, our customer service is the best in the business.
  • Dedicated AOG team: We’ve crafted a new Elite desk dedicated exclusively to AOG, and therefore, dedicated completely to you.
  • Preeminent International Expertise: Packair has the largest Aircraft On Ground Shipping Network, enabling us to reach more delivery points than any other carrier. Given our extensive network, our AOG Shipping Service will often beat air solutions in both timeliness and cost.

Looking for a Reliable AOG Service?

Packair creates the optimal route for your AOG Shipping with minimal rerouting and maximum confidence that the shipment arrives where and when you need it – down to the minute. Packair has an established specialty in North American AOG shipments, with experience in AOG Services since 1973. For more information on Packair’s AOG Services Los Angeles, call us at (310) 337-9993 today!