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Are you preparing your booth as a trade show exhibitor? Did you know that if you book transport of your booth and all promotional materials from your warehouse to the trade show event address, the transport will not include delivery from loading dock to the show floor? So many businesses get stuck in this last minute situation because they did not secure drayage services. Packair offers full A-Z Los Angeles Drayage Services, from origin to destination, so you can focus on promotion, marketing, business development, and sales for your event. Packair is the premier Los Angeles Drayage Company. Once you experience drayage services with Packair, you’ll know why they say – “Don’t Just Ship It, Packair It!”

Low operational costs
Optimization Programs
Careful handling of valuable goods
Employers uniform standards
Minimal processing times
What is Drayage?

What is Drayage, And Do You Need It?

  • Transport of cargo, freight, or shipments over a short distance
  • Technical textbook definition is “a pickup via vehicle to or from a seaport, inland point, border point, or intermodal terminal with both the origin and destination being in the same general area”
  • Modern “drayage” is known for short hauls from sea ports to locations nearby
  • Primary vehicle of drayage transport is a truck, various sizes depending on cargo volume and dimensions

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