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Rated #1 in service amongst Import and Export, Freight Services,  Packair offers A-Z in-house for all of your Import/Export needs.  Packair provides online tracking information provided for air shipments upon departure.  Packair will track and report a status of all shipments – air, ocean, and ground – as soon as available.  Get your free shipping quote for domestic, international Freight Services.

Air Freight

International Service

Packair is proud to provide international air freight forwarding services to companies looking to ship air cargo all over the world.
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Ocean Freight

A-Z Service

With our extensive range of A-Z ocean freight services and Ocean Freight consolidation covering all volumes and dimensions of equipment categories and all origins and destinations, Packair ensures your freight will reach its destination safely and securely, on-time, and cost-effectively.
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Ground Freight

Your FTL & LTL Solutions

At Packair, we value our drivers as much as we as we care for our customers, and as such, we are always ahead of the game – our drivers are equipped with the best equipment in the trade and are always ready to make your delivery happen!
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Freight Insurance

Giving You Peace of Mind

Packair is the #1 Rated Los Angeles Cargo Insurance Company Providing Cargo Insurance Services. Imagine your $50,000 dollar shipment arrives from Mexico damaged. Who’s liable? You are without any cargo insurance.
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Custom Crating

In today’s market, rates have become more competitive than ever. It is coupling these competitive rates with detailed attention to time-sensitive shipments that create the uniquely distinguishable Packair approach to logistics.
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We Deliver On Time!

Are you preparing your booth as a trade show exhibitor? Did you know that if you book transport of your booth and all promotional materials from your warehouse to the trade show event address, the transport will not include delivery from loading dock to the show floor?
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When You Choose Us as Your Import & Export Company, You Get:

Packair is known for its dependable and reliable services at competitive rates. Packair’s Los Angeles based Freight Services Agents will advise you on your shipping options customized to your shipment or business requirements. Packair also offers many other services, including imports customs clearance services, ATA Carnet services, imports to Amazon services, and imports to Amazon and fulfillment services. Packair is amongst the top freight forwarders and customs house brokerage companies in the world with some of the most experienced agents in the international freight logistics industry. 

Ensuring our customers’ confidence that their cargo has been transported quickly and efficiently is very important to us. After receiving your air freight shipment, we will provide you with the airway bill number and flight details. Copies of the shipment documents will be mailed or emailed to your company for your permanent record. In addition, a fax will be sent to the destination and/or overseas agent to ensure a quick turnover of documents upon arrival.

Dependable Freight Services Tailored to Your Business Needs

Packair provides the most efficient and cost-effective logistical solutions for the most complex freight shipments across the globe. Packair offers dynamic freight services that will match your delivery needs. Fill out our rate inquiry for to receive your free shipping quote, or call us at +1 (310) 337-9993 to speak with a Packair freight services agent.

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