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Are you are looking for a qualified, experienced, professional and efficient customs broker in the Long Beach area? If so, Packair is the company to call! We have years of experience in the international freight forwarding and logistics industry, and have helped countless clients (from large film companies to E-Commerce business owners) get their products into the United States. Our goal is to provide clients with highly efficient regulation-compliant service, so that they can import their products with minimal hassles or headaches. Our team is comprised of fully licensed customs brokers and logistics experts, who have years of experience helping clients both large and small.

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Low operational costs
Optimization Programs
Careful handling of valuable goods
Employers uniform standards
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Why Choose Packair?

Packair has over 47 years of experience in the logistics industry, and has served as a customs broker and freight forwarder for large commercial clients including Sony Pictures Studios, Paramount Pictures, JPL, and the California Institute of Technology. We have also helped numerous local and national businesses import goods efficiently and at an affordable rate. Our services are comprehensive, and include everything from customs brokering to land, air, and sea freight forwarding, which makes us a one-stop-shop for any product shipping needs you may have. Throughout our years of operation, we have created a truly unique logistics experience for our clients. Whether it be fulfilling time-sensitive shipments, or saving money in customs fees, our dedication to our customers has earned us a reputation as one of the go-to companies in Long Beach and throughout the surrounding areas.

What can a Customs Broker do for You?

Formally entering foreign-made goods into the United States requires paperwork, red tape, fees, and liaising with the U.S. Customs Service. Due to the complicated nature of import processes, and the risk of running higher fees than needed when attempting to import goods on their own, many business owners and importers utilize the services of customs brokers. Brokers are intimately familiar with the 200+ laws that Customs implements, and are able to save their clients money and time throughout the import process. Packair has experience helping clients in Long Beach and in ports across the greater United States, and has imported everything from military technologies to film equipment and products sold in retail stores or online.

When you work with us, you get a company that not only has years of experience with customs, but that is also dedicated to getting your goods imported at an affordable price.

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